Biba drape kimono sleeve dress

House of Fraser's Biba line has never really lived up to the reputation of the original 1960s / 70s fashion emporium, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deliver some gems - especially during the sales.

The biggest problem is that the oddly high-priced offerings don't have much in common with Barbara Hulanicki's original concept of cheap, high fashion. The latest incarnation of Biba is a lot more expensive and a tad more grown-up, and though the colour palette pays homage to the original Biba look, it feels like it's aimed at a slightly older consumer - the woman in her late 20s or 30s who remembers hearing tales of the original store from her teen-in-the-sixties mother (that'd be me) but can afford to drop £135 on a dress (er, not me).

Luckily, the House of Fraser sales mean good reductions, bringing this Studio 54 esque slinky wrap dress down to a much more accessible £40. Now that's the Biba we want!