The fashion world barely took a breath after the Milan menswear shows before jumping on a plane to Paris for the couture shows. Versace kicked things off (with a turn from a certain Ms Campbell) but today's big ticket show was Dior.

Since his first show, Raf Simons has taken the label in a different direction to his predecessor. While John Galliano's shows were pure theatre - right down to the designer's entrance in costume at the end of the show - Simons' are more subdued and modern, his influences more subtle and the hair and makeup barely there.

You could argue this lets the clothes do the talking, and is better in the long run. But when 'the clothes' include a bobbly, textured cocktail dress in the pop colours of a watermelon, you find yourself half-wishing the models were wearing huge Carmen Miranda headdresses, painted-on eyebrows and fruit-covered platform shoes to match.

Where this collection worked was often in the daywear - a beautiful structured houndstooth skirt suit with a wide belt and matching gloves, striped slim-fit knitwear with sheer sections, and an oversize coat with multi stripe lining. The cocktail looks were a bit more difficult to get to grips with - strange colour combinations like cobalt and pastel pink, or mint green and bright red would be hard to pull off in real life, as would the mix of textures.

But, of course, this is not real life, it's couture. A time when a white strapless evening gown with a cinched band at the knee is fine, because who need to walk anywhere anyway? Fully transparent dress with no lining? Fine! And don't forget the floral applique, the multicoloured opera gloves and striped linings. The eveningwear gave us a glimpse at what Jennifer, Marion and co will be wearing on the red carpet in the coming months - look out for the beautiful green strapless gown, and the layered origami-style pale yellow number with sequinned spot detail.

Plus, there's a bonus picture of Jennifer Lawrence posing outside the venue before the show in the weirdest outfit we've seen since...well, yesterday's BET Awards, actually. Poor Jen. You'd think they'd give a spokesmodel a bit more to work with that a pair of culotte-trouser hybrids. Luckily, with a body like that nobody's looking at the clothes.

Plus check out the VIP arrivals in the below video...