It goes without saying that Alexa Chung makes a pretty good face for a brand, there's hardly anyone better. So hand in hand, it comes as no surprise that online designer destination, Mytheresa, have made Alexa Chung the first in a series of new portraits and films for their new season offering. The cleverly thought out campaign is set to feature a selection of fashion icons who will share their fashion advice and knowledge to customers exclusively on the website.

Alexa said, "I don't think it matters where you get your style ideas from, it's how you put it together. Inherently, if you are emulating someone's style it's going to be different, because you have a different attitude, face and haircut. I'm definitely very focused on the Sixties, that music scene. I play different characters and that's why I like clothes."

The selection of faces for the site will continue in the coming weeks with fashion faces including Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown and London-based deejay Mimi Xu. Check out Alexa's shots in the gallery above as well as the video; we can't think of anyone better to kick this thing off. Check out the full feature on Mytheresa's website here.