Kate Moss has had a long standing relationship with Versace fronting their new season collections year after year, so it comes as no surprise to see her star in their brand new Autumn / Winter 2013 campaign too. The fact the rebellious supermodel appears to be wearing little but handbags doesn't raise any eyebrows either. What has made me take a second look is the shade of Kate's hair which seems to have strayed from usual grungy blonde, to a warm chocolate colour.


The AW13 campaign for the collection entitled "Vunk" (referring to the brand's punk theme this season) is described by designer Donatella Versace as being "stripped back to the raw power of the clothes and the models. There's no set, no distraction, just the provocation, glamour and attitude of our fashion". That kind of makes sense I guess.


Starring alongside new model, Saskia Brauw, the campaign features Kate strategically holding three different colours of the Vanitas patent leather handbags in pop bright colours in one shot, whilst the other sees her sporting an equally colourful animal print fur cover up. What do you make of the shots? I think its safe to say Kate, after 25 years in the business, has still got it.