Not only did the handsome Henry Holland drop a few lines of wisdom our way at Graduate Fashion Week last week but so did online fashion honeys, Susie and Mel. Introduced onto the podium by the one and only, Hilary Alexander as 'the Queens of social media', Susie Bubble and Melanie Rickey sang into their mics the ways of how to get by in this, rather tricky blogging world.

But where did the ladies themselves start out?

Susie Lau gave birth to her lovechild, the enchanting Style Bubble a juicy 7 years ago, when the concept of a fashion blog was particularly innovative and new. Susie started the blog as somewhat of an escape from her dull-as-dishwater-day-job, offering her own unique, fashion perspective. Luckily for her (and us), the press lapped it up with support from magazines such as Grazia and Teen Vogue supporting her from the very beginning. To this day, Susie brings us fashion news we wouldn't necessarily find elsewhere and in particular, just like us she loves to celebrate student talent.. I'm proud to say I even popped up on the bubble myself, spot a very shy, young, bleach blonde Lucy here.

Melanie Rickey is not only part of Britain's fashion power couple (we would love to be a fly on the wall at their house!) but has written for the likes of The Independent, The Telegraph and The Sunday Times to name a few. This led her onto Grazia, at the time the first weekly fashion magazine of it's kind. Melanie remarked how bloggers made fashion relevant not just weekly, but daily leading her to write her own blog, Editor at Large.

It looks as if these ladies started out when things were pretty fresh and new in their key areas. Sure, they have their own individual talents and traits that I have no doubt would have taken them to the same place today, but things don't seem quite as easy for the average blogger to succeed in today's online world. In a sea of bloggers, how do Susie and Mel suggest you stand out?

  • Have a unique voice or perspective - It's important to be true to yourself and honest to your readers when writing your blog, this will enable you to write to the best of your ability and will eradicate any falseness.

  • Present new ideas - Fashion blogging has become a little dog-eat-dog in the sense that everyone is competing to stand out, therefore you must bring your best ideas to the table to set you aside from the rest.

  • Hold onto integrity - Mel and Susie insisted they do not get bribed with freebies or discounts to write about things they wouldn't necessarily as it wouldn't be honest to their readers, therefore only present things you personally love and believe in to avoid a very plugged blog that nobody wants to read.

  • Have a balanced, constructive opinion - If an element of what you are writing about doesn't quite tickle your fancy, try not to be too harsh, keep those claws in and give constructive criticism.

  • Invest in an attractive layout - Make your blog look visually pleasing through layout, images and design so it easy to use and appealing to your readers.

  • Don't be afraid to be too specific or niche
  • - This is what will set you apart and get you attention, be original.

    I don't know about you but this little chat got me reaching for the laptop and typing up a business plan all through the night with the company of red bull and dolly mixtures, searching out ways to communicate my voice in the most innovative ways and I think I might just be onto something.. Hope you are are just as inspired as I am.

    For more Graduate Fashion Week updates have a peek over here and in the meantime, share that unique voice of yours!

    [Image taken from Official GFW Blog by Hannah McGee]