It doesn't take a genius to notice, here at Catwalk Queen we love a good pair of undies so it was my pleasure to perch down my little M&S cotton-clad bottom at De Montfort'sGraduate Fashion Week Contour show and be educated in what I really should be wearing underneath..

The catwalk DJ slammed on The Police's Roxanne for Christina Hallett-Young as ladies in red took to the runway. Adorned with embroided bra straps and leggings, the rouge collection was complimented with a series of rigid, laser-cut, shoulder-pad and skirts to add a certain strength and structure to an otherwise girly look

It was Hannah Winfield who offered a soft colour palette of cream and beige, brightening things up with a vivid yellow and a hint of gold as her pieces were heavily embellished with floral embroidery and gold sequins.

Things started to glitter as Sian Whitefoot made me imagine what it might be like if Elie Saab designed lingerie with soft pastels shades, and floaty gowns and sparking embellishments to RiRi's 'Diamonds'.

Jodi-Ann Fowler really caught my attention with vivid blue in regal designs of high-waist knickers, bras, arms and shoulders beautifully lined with beaded, floral embroidery that gave off a very royal feel.

Kate Howard's designs were soft and sheer, mixing embroidered ivory curls with organza for a soft, fresh look, perfect for bridal adding new elements through layering with subtle slips but not taking away from the beautiful lingerie.

I enjoyed how Beth Parkin opted against the soft, girly theme and went avant-garde with rubber of different purple hues, sculpted and shaped into dramatic collars and playsuits to create pieces Miss Lady Gaga would swoon for.

Gemma Lawton designs were rich with red floral lace and sheer that expanded into stunning, dramatic skin-tight dress forms that transported me back to Marchesa 2011 circa Rachel McAdams at Cannes.

Why not have a sneaky peep at our gallery above for instragram snaps of the show itself?