It's Sunday, and perhaps you didn't want to spend the remainder of your weekend engrossing yourself in all things fashion, so stayed home and nursed that juicy ol' hangover from last night's late shindig. But just to make you feel that bit more guilty (on top of the guilt you're probably feeling for having a few too many jaeger bombs or accidently kissing that guy with the ponytail.. yikes..) here's a little more guilt for you. This is what you missed out on at day one of Graduate Fashion Week...

1. The Talent

The talent this year is predictably top of its game with shows today from Bournemouth, Central Lancashire, Edinburgh, Northumbria, Northbrook & Wiltshire College Salisbury and Istituto Marangoni with over 40 universities exhibiting. Edinburgh's Isabella Lyginou caught my attention with all things studded and regal whilst Northumbria's Victoria Schofield brought a festival of colour through bright, bold printed suits and Istituo Marangoni meant business with foam machine, smoke machine and spot lights.

It's fair to say they were not without their blue steel poses, ridiculous ponytail mullets and bejewelled turbans. One model was unfortunate enough to have her dress unbutton itself to reveal her bare naked body a whole 3 times on her walk up and down the catwalk.. poor, poor girl.

2. The Talks

I got so close to Henry Holland it was practically an intimate moment. That's right, get close and personal with the greats and grill them till your heart's content with Colin McDowell's Question Time.. still to feature Imran Ahmed, Mary Katrantzou and a still-to-be-announced special guest.

Other talks this week in 'The Space' include the likes of Melanie Rickey, Nick Knight and Susie Bubble whilst over at 'The Job Zone' you can sit down and perfect that fashion CV once and for all.

3. The Free Stuff

We students love anything and everything free, and GFW is packed full of these little treats. From Marc Jacobs Diet Coke bottles to official tote bags, freebie hunters will find themselves in paradise sniffing out goodies. You will also find exclusive graphic design t-shirts at the George stand on sale for £5 as well as the George G21 graduate collection. For Tuesday and Wednesday, Elle will open their doors to a GFW-exclusive pop-up shop too.

But don't you fret just yet! You have a whole 3 more days to catch GFW before it flutters away for another year. Get on down to Earls Court nice and early for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week and lap up the fashion lusciousness.

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