Red dress for full hourglass body shapes by Michaela Jedinak

If you're never sure how to dress for your shape, personal stylist Michaela Jedinak has done the hard work for you with her new line of Italian wool dresses. She's created seven classic red dresses with the same design touches - short sleeves, notched necks, knee-length hemlines - and adapted the silhouette to suit the most common body shapes. The dresses are definitely investment pieces, but they're designed to accentuate your best bits and work for a variety of different occasions, so no doubt they'd quickly become wardrobe staples.

Shown above is Anna, the most form-fitting of the seven styles, designed to make the most of a full hourglass figure. There's also a classic shift with a 60s feel (great for apple shapes), a tulip skirted style with a nipped in waist (to balance out a top-heavy 'inverted column' body) plus styles for pear shapes, lean column, rectangle and neat hourglass. If you're unsure which one you are, you can attempt to identify here.

Of course, rules are made to be broken and there's nothing to say you have to stick to the prescription and only buy the style designed for your figure. I'm pretty sure my pear-shaped bod would look just as good in the Alana as my top-heavy pals!