It's getting to a point now where we can't remember a time before we heard about the long-awaited Baz Luhrmann adaptation of The Great Gatsby. We've been drip fed photos, teasers and trailers, seen release dates pushed back and read countless articles about all the gorgeous Prada and Miu Miu clothes - but the end is nigh. On 10th May, the film finally starts to hit cinema screens and we can see if the hype was worth it (I fear not, but I have faith in my teenage crush Leo).

The latest Gatsby-related event was the cocktail party to celebrate the launch of the Catherine Martin And Miuccia Prada 'Dress Gatsby' exhibition, where dresses from the film are being shown in New York. Some of the film's stars popped along to help celebrate - among them Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher and Tobey Maguire - along with plenty of showbiz and fashion's finest (most decked out in Prada, natch). Take a look at the stylish attendees in our gallery above.