Madonna at the 2013 MET Gala

The MET Gala is essentially a very fashionable costume ball, so nobody can blame Madonna for taking the punk theme and really running with it when it came to her outfit. She was (half) dressed by Riccardo Tisci, teaming her studded and spiked tartan jacket and stockings with hot pink Casadei heels. Yes, it's risque, but this is Madonna. What did you expect? A glamorous 1940s style number? Been there, done that.

Unfortunately, despite the outfit being the most punk thing to hit the red carpet all night by a mile, I just can't take this look seriously any more. Not after Poppy pointed out that the hair (wig?) makes Madge look like shoulder pad queen and Dragons Den star Hilary Devey. Who, coincidentally, is only one year older than Madonna.


Once seen, never unseen....

Madonna looks like Hilary Devey