Lara Stone David Walliams on InstagramFollowing the long weekend there was plenty to catch up on yesterday with punk mania sweeping through New York at the Met Gala. Now it is time to catch up on what else has been making news in the fashion world:

1. Lara Stone and David Walliams are parents! The famous couple have welcomed a baby boy who was born on Sunday. While no name has been released yet, David did thank fans and friends for their well wishes. He also tweeted a photo of a bouquet of white roses and a card sent by his Britain's Got Talent colleague, Simon Cowell. {Daily Mail / Photo: Lara Stone Instagram}

Taylor Swift on New Girl

2. In the US, the finale of New Girl's second season is fast on the approach. Don't worry I'm not about to spoil anything for you, but what I will say is that Taylor Swift makes a special cameo appearance. The 23-year-old flexes her acting chops in her role as Elaine (pictured, above) who really does barge in on a white veil occasion... yes, that was just a cheeky nod to her song, Speak Now. And yes, if you couldn't tell already I am a big Tay Tay geek. So the thought of Swift and Deschanel in the same episode together is kinda blowing my mind right now! New Girl's season finale airs next Tuesday in the US on Fox. {Celebuzz}

3. I am loving Alexandra Shulman more and more every day at the moment. Not only is she paving the way for model health across the industry, she is also set to create an educational film which aims to illustrate "the difference between fashion and reality and how a fashion image is constructed". The British Vogue editor will highlight just how much work goes into producing the perfect image from the team of people behind-the-scenes to the level of digital retouching and airbrushing involved. The film will then be distributed to secondary schools as part of Vogue's Health Initiative, which aims to promote healthy body image within the fashion industry. Genius idea! {Independent}

4. Hold your horses because this one is a zinger! Selfridges is opening the world's very first drive-through shopping service. Uh-huh! From next January shoppers will be able to order online then collect their items from a reception area behind the Oxford Street store without having to step one foot outside their vehicle. The 'Click and Collect' service will also extend to other products, except perishable foods. So... would you like fries with your Prada? {Vogue UK}

5. Cara Delevingne has made headlines over the weekend, and not in a good way, after photos of her dropping a ziplock bag of mysterious white powder were published. The model was hunting for her keys outside her Belgravia home when she dropped her purse and the offending baggie was photographed by waiting paparazzi.

Although she is yet to release a statement, the scandal didn't stop her from attending the Met Gala on Monday or from weirdly locking lips with Sienna Miller, both of whom wore matching Burberry ensembles to the event. To add to her woes, there are reports that H&M and Topshop, which recruit her to be the face of their campaigns, are concerned about what message the incident is sending to their young customers. Could this potentially jeopardise the 20-year-old's career? It certainly didn't do any harm to Kate Moss'. Fact. {Daily Mail}

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6. To finish off our Met Costume Institute Gala coverage here are the top 19 best GIFs from the red carpet. Enjoy! Oh and don't forget to check out our thoughts on the best and worst of the Brit girls at the Met Gala. {BuzzFeed}