Thanks to the invention of Twitter and Instagram, we've seen hundreds of photos of Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne being super awesome together (let's face it, a cool celebrity friendship is just as watchable as a romance) but now the gorgeous pair have teamed up for something a little different - a remix of Rita's video for her hot album track, 'Facemelt'. Real life besties Rita and Cara teased fans earlier in the year with a seductive black and white image of themselves, but the reason behind it has been under lock and key until this morning.


Rita - who currently graces the 'Girls' Issue 4 cover of The Hunger Magazine had promised there was more to come following a second image of the girls posing in this seasons Prada (Rita rocking a pair of floral shades and Cara sporting a jacket from the same collection) and she didn't disappoint - the video, directed by celebrated fashion photographer Rankin, is ridiculous catchy, sexy and fun! Opening with the teaser 'Rita Ora plus special guest', the dynamic duo can be seen dancing around in their bras, sporting some serious accessories (cue more shades, a pair of huge gold earrings, cluster pearl bracelets and gemstone necklaces) with Cara pulling her signature funny faces and singing along to her pals new track. D'aaaaaw.

Check out our gallery above to see more from Rita and Cara, and be sure to watch the songstress and model of the moment doing their thing in Hunger's exclusive video below!