Eighties workout wear

So you caved. You let that cutie patootie guy with a clipboard outside the tube station talk you into a one-month free gym membership, which we all know isn't going to end up being free at all, and somehow you've signed your life away. Now what?

Well, in order to avoid the no-exercise guilt from setting in, you figure it's probably time you actually... you know... went and did some exercise. This means hauling your arse out of bed (if you prefer to workout in the AM, if you're a PM workout person then it's a matter of trying to bypass after work drinks) and if you are like me, pulling on the first thing I can get my hands on.

I'll be frank with you, my usual workout attire isn't anything to get excited about. In fact, a typical gym outfit for me tends to consist of a pair of el cheapo leggings, an old scuzzy vest or T-shirt and the pair of bright pink trainers that my ex-boyfriend bought me for my birthday (for the record, he didn't buy them because he wanted me to lose weight, I chose them for myself - hence the reason they are bright pink). This is why I am so not in a position to judge anyone on their choice of workout clothing. That said, I do feel it might be worth mentioning just a few of the things not to wear to the gym. Further tips can be found in this very helpful article, 7 things not to wear to the gym.

Old worn-out leggings

As a leggings wearer myself I do believe that while they might not be the most flattering garment in the world, they are a great comfy option for the gym. I also find the whole leggings-are-not-trousers rule can be slightly overlooked when working out. However, what cannot be overlooked are leggings or Skins, as we call them in Australia, that are either super tight (dudes, I'm looking at you) or super old. Holey, threadbare, basically see-through leggings are not good.

Bras as tops

Crop tops are a favourite amongst many a gym goer. Usually they seem to accompany a strong set of enviable abs, and the boys do sure seem to like 'em. But for many they can scream: "I think I am majorly hawt!" which can translate into major douchebaggery.

Personally they don't affect me. I get it, if you've done the hard yards to get those ripped abs then good for you. Girrrl, you rock that six pack! I may not feel the need to go out sans top, except at the beach, but please don't let me stop you. Unless of course you decide that wearing a lacy/silky bra to the gym is a good idea. It isn't.

Micro shorts

If I'm standing behind you in a yoga class and you're wearing a pair of micro arse-grazing shorts while you're in downward dog pose then I might be a bit peeved. If you also happen to be male then I'm definitely going to be mad.

gym make-up Lots of make-up, what?

This is a pretty common one. What isn't common is the lady a few treadmills over who keeps pausing her run every five minutes to go back to the bathroom and REAPPLY HER MAKE-UP! This is a true story. I feel bad for her skin.

No towel? Go home!

I was actually glad the day my gym put up a sign that said: 'No towel, no entry.' Even so, it seems some people just don't care, which can result in almost slipping off the Stairmaster machine due to the large pools of sweat left behind by a non-towel gym goer. Sadly this is another true story.

Look, at the end of the day I don't give a crap what you wear to the gym, this is because I'm not really looking at you. Instead I am far too busy trying not to pass out or pull something groin-esque. But if the whole idea of working out in public doesn't float your boat then you can always try exercising in the privacy of your own home. Of course the beauty of this is that you can wear whatever the hell you want!

Here is some home workout inspiration for you. Enjoy!