British Vogue Kate Upton January 2013 issueStart your day off right. Alongside your cornflakes this morning add a dash of delicious fashion news. Delish! Here's the overnight headlines:

1. British Vogue is receiving loads of praise today after signing a new code of conduct aimed at improving the conditions of working models. The 10-point code, drawn up by model union Equity, includes stipulations such as models will not work for more than 10 hours a day, will have adequate food provided and will not participate in any semi or fully nude shoots unless agreed to in advance. I think we can call this one more small step for models, one giant leap for women's health. Yes? [Vogue UK]

2. Next week Burberry is turning its Regent Street flagship into a live music venue. The brand will host a series of concerts, which will include the Kaiser Chiefs on April 23, who are expected to draw a crowd of up to 1,000. Tickets are free and available on Burberry's website from 12pm today. Snap 'em up chickens!

3. The fashion world went ballistic yesterday over reports that Adele's rumoured wedding dress will be designed by Jenny Packham. Of course Packham's peeps are keeping quiet, but maybe that's because it hasn't actually been confirmed whether Adele and her baby daddy, Simon Konecki, are actually engaged. Good grief! [Grazia UK]

4. Are you sick to death of hearing Taylor Swift and/or her song, 22, which is all about going out and being hipsters or whatever? Then this hilarious parody, aptly titled 32, is for you. And sadly for me too. Watch below and have a giggle.

5. Kate Young's Target collection launched to much celebrity fanfare overnight. Think the coolest kids in the game - Michelle Williams, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kate Mara - all there and wearing pieces from the line. So naturally I want them all, like now. [Jezebel]

6. I have five words for you - Amy Childs' latest fashion collection. It's here, it's uber-fitted and it's actually not too awful. Honest. [Daily Mail]