beach photo print poolside paradise retro bikini

I always try and sneak a good retro piece (or ten) into our annual swimwear picks, and they don't get more retro than this fun find from ModCloth. It's the 'Poolside Paradise' bikini, with high-waisted briefs and a bra top with crossover yellow straps in a photo print of a beach vista.

The simple shape of this reminds me of really early bikinis from the late 40s that came in non-stretch fabrics and were often homemade. The button tabs give it that DIY feel and if you prefer your vintage-inspired finds to have less of that pin-up girl vibe, it's got more of an indie feel than the polka dots, cherries and ruching you may find elsewhere.

The set is $184.99 (about £120). Not cheap, but I can guarantee nobody else will be wearing this on the beach, plus that top could easily be repurposed as a crop top if you've got the bod to pull it off with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans or disco pants!