Bow print fuller bust bikini from ASOS

I was a bit mistrusting of ASOS' fuller bust swimwear range when it first launched, as it seemed a bit too good to be true when it came to price - from the pictures, it's obvious they're just reworkings of standard designs, so could these babies really provide the support needed in a larger cup at the same price as the regular fit bikinis?

Having tried a couple of the styles, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Fit was decent, cups were definitely generous (I probably could have swapped my usual E for a DD) and the support was much better than what I'd get from something not made with fuller busts in mind...that said, neither of my ASOS bikinis have anything on my amazing Freya bikinis when it comes to construction. This I don't mind so much - they get worn only a few times a year, and only need to withstand a certain amount of sun, chlorine and SPF 30 before being binned and replaced with a new design, but if you're a regular bikini wearer, you might find them a bit too flimsy.

When it comes to fit, I have high hopes for this halter shape, which is one of the few staple ASOS shapes I've yet to try. Halter tops always give great lift and I like the double strap design which means there's slightly less strain on a thin bit of fabric. This bow print bikini is reduced in the mid-season sale, so you can get the top for £12.50 and the very flattering skirted briefs for £9.50. Bargain!