Skyline printed swimsuit

In the Catwalk Queen offices this is known simply as 'The Swimsuit', because I have been incessantly stalking it since the George High Summer press day earlier this year. I'm so happy to be able to make it a part of Lingerie & Swimwear Month now it's finally available online, and at only £12, it's a brilliant bargain take on the photo-print swimwear trend for those who like their swimwear to make a statement.

Of course you do have to be careful with a design like this - with all the detail on the bottom half, it runs the risk of drawing attention to an area that many of us would rather conceal. But my theory is that nobody's going to be paying attention to my belly when there's a massive print of the New York skyline on it. So long as the size is right so the print isn't stretched, I think this dark coloured one-piece will work for most body types.

Also available as part of the same drop is a similar style with a palm tree print and a sculpting swimsuit with mirror image florals on the side.