With all our daily picks and galleries during lingerie and swimwear month, you've probably got your swimwear sorted for Summer (if not, don't worry, there are a few days left). But though you may have your bikini or swimsuit chosen out, have you got a kaftan or cover-up ready to go with it?

A lightweight maxi, kaftan or playsuit is brilliant for chucking on poolside or on the beach when you're going to be wandering around for more than a few minutes - whether you're taking a trip to the bar, stopping for lunch or heading out for a walk around the shops. Not all resorts allow swimwear when you're away from your lounger, so having something you can throw on to cover yourself up a bit is a must. A kaftan with sleeves is particularly good if you have skin that burns easily - protect those shoulders when you're sitting out in the hot sun at lunchtime.

To help you on your hunt, we've found 20 fab finds that will suit all budgets. From cool fish prints to classic silk kaftans full of volume and glamour, there are also plenty of different styles to inspire you. Click the thumbnails above to view the full gallery!