I think there's a chance, that this fashion/outfit mix of celebrity and designer combination came together this weekend with the sole purpose of testing my spelling ability. Or perhaps not.

But if it didn't look so good, putting Poppy Delevingne in a Mary Katrantzou outfit would be a crime against fashionable spelling correctness. But no really, how good does the model beauty look below wearing the infamous print designer's Citrine Deas Jumpsuit to the Vogue "Triple Threats" dinner?

Poppy-Delevingne-Mary-Katrantzou-jumpsuit.jpgImage: Mary Katrantzou

There's no denying the Delevingne (there it goes again) sisters were born with beautiful assets; long lean feminines figures, striking bone structure and golden locks, but this styling combination goes beyond that. With a pastel base of shades, Poppy could have easily gone super girly and washed out but instead she packs a punch with a splash of pop red lipstick and her golden curls pulled to one side.

Like Poppy's look? Unfortunately that specific Mary K jumpsuit isn't available online yet, but have you seen her monochrome version for the Spring / Summer 2013 season? Check it out over at The Corner below.


MARY KATRANTZOU Trouser jumpsuit £1568 >>