Aubade Hypnotic Chamane lingerie set

It goes without saying that French designers know how to make beautiful lingerie. After all, it's their word - we don't even have an English equivalent ('underwear' just doesn't cut it). Even our humble bra is just a contraction of the french word brassiere. So when you're looking for sexy, seductive luxury, though there are plenty of international brands offering up the goods, nobody does it quite like the French.

So today's pick is from Aubade, a luxury French label that has stores in London (South Molton St, Westbourne Grove and Stratford London City) and is also stocked in Harrods and online.

In the words of Aubade themselves, "The Aubade woman is at ease with her body, asserts her sensuality, and plays on her natural femininity. She is romantic, provocative, delicate, naughty, gentle, discreet, audacious, and elegant as well as knowing." Can a bit of silk and lace reflect all these things? Probably not, but the 'Hypnotique Chamane' set is definitely beautiful, with embroidered lace, sparkling fabric and braid detail. The half-cup bra will set you back £117 (eek!) and the St Tropez shorts are £74. Expensive, yes, but these are a far cry from M&S basics!