Sophia Corset by Nicola Gill

Corsets are a big investment, but if you're going to treat yourself, you may as well really treat yourself and go for the full-on, custom made experience.

Designer Nicole Gill, a graduate of the highly respected BA Hons Fashion and Contour Design course at De Montfort University, offers custom creations from around £250, and they don't get more gorgeous than the 'Sophia', a gold underbust design with black pinstripe and trim, plus a whopping 5m of steel boning to shape your body for that incredible wasp-waisted look.

The corset is £260 made to measure, and you can get the matching 'Cosette' bra for £70 in sizes 32- 36, cups A - D.

If you do decide to splash out, you'll not only look fabulous, you'll also be supporting a young, up-and-coming designer who probably puts a lot more love, care and hard work into each piece than you'd get in something that cost about the same from a big name lingerie retailer.