Vintage style silk bralet and knickers by Ayten Gasson

Anyone who was a member of the brownies or the boffin of a GCSE textiles class will have probably had a go at dying fabric with tea at some point. Most of the results were probably along the lines of a particularly bad Regretsy find - mottled, messy and more like an unfortunate stain than a cool new colour.

But done properly, tea dying can produce really soft colours that give a vintage look to modern fabrics. Ayten Gasson uses the technique on the lace that decorates this bralet and knickers, which look like they might have been picked up at an antiques market (without the worry that someone wore them before you). The brand specialises in very delicate silk pieces inspired by vintage designs. There's not a lot going on in the support department, but if you're lucky enough to have boobs that don't need scaffolding-style underwires, then a set like this is a real luxury treat. The bralet is £67 and the matching 'tap pants' (aka French knickers) are £42.