great-gatsby-carey-mulligan-movie-poster.jpgAnother day and another chance to catch up on all the hottest fashion news headlines. Enjoy:

1. The movie hasn't even premiered yet and already it seems the whole dang world has gone Gatsby crazy. Jumping on the bandwagon is Harrods, which is set to open a jazz bar to celebrate the release of The Great Gatsby. Between May 9 and 20, the Twenties-inspired pop-up bar will mix up bespoke cocktails for shoppers. On Friday May 10, grab a ticket to a special evening event, and take part in a cocktail masterclass all while listening to a jazz band. Tickets are £50 each, to get yours email {Vogue UK}

2. Speculation is mounting that Marco Zanini could be ready to jump ship from his post at Rochas to the soon-to-be revived, Schiaparelli. This wouldn't be the first time the designer has been recruited to rejuvenate a label. He spent two years at Halston, before joining Rochas in 2008. Schiaparelli was purchased by Diego Della Valle in 2006, and is due to relaunch later this year. {WWD}

Jemima Kirke Stone Fox Bride3. Girls star, Jemima Kirke (better known as Jessa) stars in a series of new promotional images for Stone Fox Bride. However this isn't your typical bridal photo shoot. SFB are a pro-gay bridal store based in New York. They create gorgeous wedding dresses for brides "who feel their best in beat-up boots and jeans and tees, who are hellbent on their wedding dress reflecting their authentic everyday style with truth and cool and class".

So to further promote their latest collection, Kirke has been captured in a lip lock with jewellery designer, Pamela Love. "You guys did the hard part. You fell in love. Let us do the rest, and help you walk down the aisle in style," says the website. Total legends. All of them. {Stone Fox Bride}

4. Uh oh. Ralph Lauren and Oprah Winfrey are being sued by a former Harpo sound technician for more than $50,000 in damages. The technician claims he was badly injured during an interview conducted between Winfrey and Lauren on the designer's Colorado ranch back in 2011. The victim says that while he was securing a microphone onto the back bumper of Ralph Lauren's vintage Jeep, the designer reversed back into him resulting in injuries to his head, body and limbs. Sounds like someone may need to brush up on their driving skills. Oops! {CocoPerez}

5. You have seen some of our favourite Coachella looks from 'slebs and ordinary folks alike. Now it's time to check out some of the more crazy looks that swept through this year's festival. Hey, at least these guys and gals were all having fun. Right? {Buzzfeed}

6. Dove is going to some pretty major lengths to prove just how critical we can be when it comes to our own appearance. In their latest 'Real Beauty' campaign, the skincare brand asked seven women from different cultural backgrounds and ages to describe their facial features to an FBI-trained sketch artist, who then drew them based on their descriptions from behind a curtain. The women were then asked to spend time with a stranger, who in turn was also asked to describe them. The results are quite astonishing, and yet sadly they're also not. You can watch this powerful and quite moving campaign below.