dianekrugerchanelcouture2012.jpgHello and thanks for stopping by to check out today's fashion news round-up, filled with little nuggets of pure journalistic goodness or maybe, probably not.

1. The eternally beautiful Diane Kruger has just been announced as the new face of Chanel Beauty. A true Chanel devotee, I'm sure it comes as little surprise that this isn't the first time she has fronted ads for for the label. Yep, makes sense. [WWD]

2. The second Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo collection is now available in-store. The new T-shirt range is all about being fun and playful thanks to Peter Pan collars and oversized polka dots. But best of all they are priced at just £14.90. Me likey. [Vogue UK]

3. Roberto Cavalli has shared some choice words regarding Karl Lagerfeld. "Just because you are an artist you don't have to dress like that. Karl Lagerfeld, he looks ridiculous," he told a journalist. Riaow! For once it wasn't Lagerfeld tearing someone to shreds. I could get used to this. [Telegraph]

4. Is Victoria Beckham thinking of teaching? Word on the street says she is considering taking up a fashion lecturing post at Condé Nast's new college of fashion and design, where she will serve as a visiting professor. Well I never thought I'd live to see the day.
[Marie Claire UK]

5. The Daily Mail have published a hard-hitting piece on how fit Marc Jacobs is now that he is hit 50. Then they compare images of him and his six-pack alongside pics of him in his late 30s when he essentially looked like an out-of-shape IT worker. [Daily Mail]

6. And finally, just for something to help make the day go a little quicker - here are 12 vases that look like Beyoncé. For shiz. [Buzzfeed]