Well, there sure is a heck of a lot going on in fashion land at the moment. So let's get started, shall we?

lindsay lohan for louis vuitton spoof1. Finally after weeks of waiting it is time to check out Victoria Beckham's newly-revamped website featuring one of our most favourite things... e-commerce. It launches today over at victoriabeckham.com [WWD]

2. Ahhh, isn't this the best Lindsay Lohan spoof ad (pictured, above) you have ever seen? Some clever person has created a fake Louis Vuitton ad starring the actress in a parody of the luxury brand's Core Values campaign. In fact, the LV satchel featured in the photo belongs to Lohan's lawyer, Mark Jay Heller. He is obvs doing well then. [Daniel Pianetti blog]

3. Still on Lohan for a moment (I promise to keep it brief). The troubled starlet has gone from playing Elizabeth Taylor to Marilyn Monroe in her latest film, InAPPropriate Weekend, which unsurprisingly the critics are panning. I've said it once and I'll say it again for f***'s sake LiLo - leave the icons alone! [iVillage.com.au]

4. Lena Dunham fans it's time to take a squiz at her new short film to promote Rachel Antonoff's autumn 2013 line (below). Usually short films for fashion labels are long, boring and a tad too intense for my liking. However this one with its hipster clothes, Dunham's little sis, and the dude that plays Adam from Girls narrating, ain't half bad. [Buzzfeed]

5. Graduate Fashion Week (2 June - 5 June) is undergoing a restructure. Instead of announcing all the awards at the end of the week, each day of the event will focus on three or four awards. Gala day will also change format with a Best of GFW show, followed by a shorter Gala Awards show. Sounds good to us. How about you? [Vogue UK]

6. Planning to attend Royal Ascot this year? Then never fear because the official dress code has been released and this year it includes... wait for it... a video! Y'know, just in case you're too much of a muppet to understand what it all means in black-and-white. A few of the changes include no fascinators in the Royal Enclosure, but elsewhere they are permitted. While out in the Grandstand Enclosure, strapless dresses are a no-no and midriffs must be covered. Er, someone ought to have reminded these gals from the Tantric Blue strip club who rocked up last year. Fierce! [Daily Mail]

royal ascot 2012 tantric blue strip club{Image via Daily Mail}

7. Finally, Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh has gotten engaged. The 23-year-old was proposed to by her rapper boyfriend Professor Green while on holiday in Paris this week, then quickly proceeded to tweet a pic of the engagement ring, naturally. Hmm, I smell a MiC wedding special in the pipeline. Although I can't help but wonder how her former beau Hugo Taylor must be feeling. Probably not quite like this...

michugowaves.gif[Daily Mail / MIC Tumblr]