It's been a long time coming, but it looks like Victoria Beckham's online offering might finally be here. Good old VB announced her website launch back in December, but like many online projects (don't we know it), things don't always go to plan and her "early Spring" launch is looking more likely the start of Summer as it launches in the next few weeks. In any case, good things come to those who wait, and we've got no doubt she's onto a good thing.

Victoria Beckham Website.jpgImage: Victoria Beckham Twitter

With the best in the business on the task undoubtedly, Victoria's site is set to break fashion boundaries becoming a fabulous online destination for the VB woman. Victoria Beckham chief executive officer Zach Duane said, "For us, this is the first step toward creating our own store environment. There are obviously already some fantastic digital stores in place so the bar to entry is very high. But we feel that we've learned a lot from the market and that we are bringing our take on what we believe is ultimately all about customer experience".

Victoria Beckham Online 2.pngImage: Victoria Beckham Twitter

For the moment the site is a holding page featuring gritty videos from behind the scenes at her shows at New York Fashion Week - keep clicking and you get a new small video clip each time. Some even feature the lady herself. Want to know how Victoria has been gearing up for the launch? Check out some her her snaps below from her week in London from drinking herbal tea, indulging on Chloe chocolates in Selfridges, putting Marc Jacobs wellington boots on Harper and enjoying some iconically British chic dressing, there's no denying this girls been busy.

Victoria Beckham London.jpgImage: Victoria Beckham Twitter

Check out the yet to launch Victoria Beckham site here and sign up for the latest updates (don't forget to click on the image to change the vid).