TV presenter Tess Daly has harked back to her modelling days by taking part in a photoshoot wearing a dramatic red layered dress with a buckled corset top.

The dress was created by young designer Nikita Karizma, who's perhaps best known for her designs for X Factor alumni Amelia Lily, Little Mix, JLS, Misha B and Alexandra Burke. But all is not what it seems. While Nikita may be used to working with leather, silk and satin to create her tough, corseted creations, this time she used something completely unexpected - Colour Catcher laundry sheets!

Tess's dress is constructed from almost 600 of the sheets, which are designed to be used one or two at a time in a mixed wash to stop colours running and protect your fashion from fading. For the dramatic dress, the hundreds of sheets were dyed red and stiffened to allow them to be sculpted into the stiff corset top and tiered mermaid hem.

Tess said ""You can see from Nikita's beautiful dress just how much colour these sheets can catch - these were once completely colourless!"


A behind-the-scenes video from the shoot tells you a little more about the dress and why Tess is such a fan of Colour Catcher.

[Photos: David Parry/PA]