kate middleton prince william engaged announcement.jpgThe Easter bunny is almost here and as an extra special treat (not really, we do this every weekday) here are the latest news headlines from across the fashion universe. Happy Easter everyone!

1. It probably comes as little shock that Issa nearly went broke after the Duchess of Cambridge donned one of their blue jersey wrap dresses at the royal couple's engagement announcement back in December 2010. Issa chairwoman, Camilla Al Fayed, has revealed that unprecedented demand for the blue frock nearly sent the struggling label into meltdown.

"Demand was so huge the business couldn't cope. If Kate wears a Zara dress, these huge companies have the backing to follow through. Issa was basically run by interns, students and Daniella [Helayel, the label's founder and designer]. There was no business model," she said.

Yes, but c'mon. Weren't they also secretly laughing all the way to the bank? Ker-ching! [Vogue UK]

2. Er... Lily Cole love, is this really you? The British model stars in her very first music video for the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs' new track, Sacrilege, and well, it's definitely not how you might have seen her before. Lils plays the role of a promiscuous young lass who has shagged just about everyone in the town including the priest! The video opens with her tied up by her scorned lovers and left to burn like a witch at the stake. Sounds cray cray? That's because it kinda is. Watch it below. [Modelinia]

3. Scott Shuman, the wee man with the stylish eye behind The Sartorialist, has opened up about the future of fashion blogging. "Now brands are unfiltered and are going after blogs because all they want is reaction. In the future, blogs will get better. We're getting ready for a new generation of fashion communicators," he said. "If you're just trying to shoot out your message without interacting with your audience, then it doesn't matter. You're looking at it the wrong way." Ah, never was a truer word spoken my friend. [WWD]

4. That saucy film which was made to promote Louis Vuitton's AW13 collection has got folks in a spin. Feminist groups in France have hit out the video, which was created by Love magazine, by claiming that it promotes prostitution. The uproar has prompted Love to pull it from its website, but as Amy Odell so promptly points out, Kim Kardashian's sex tape and nude pixxx of Blake Lively are still allowed to exist online. Go figure. [Buzzfeed]

5. Lauren Conrad has inadvertently dyed her hair pink after being smacked with coloured powder during a trip to Nepal for the annual Holi Festival, a.k.a. the festival of colours. LC Instagrammed a pic of her bright pink hair, which will no doubt spawn a new wave of loyal hair followers. [MTV Style]

LC paint colour hair.jpg6. I bet you're simply beside yourself with wonder over what Alexa Chung is calling her upcoming book. Potential titles she is dreaming up include Chung On (um, no), and Live Fast, Die Chung (better). Please watch this very funny interview with her and Harpers' Laura Brown. What a cute pair. [Harpers Bazaar]