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Today's news headlines have been served up like a hot (okay, lukewarm) cup of tea, with a side of soggy toast. Enjoy!

1. Stella McCartney popped by ole' B House yesterday to collect her Order of the British Empire (OBE) from the Queen. Dressed in one of her own prim navy skirt suits, Stella also donned a headpiece designed by Philip Treacy, which featured Cartier jewels (a family heirloom) and an antique veil which she bought from a fair when she was just 15 years old. Personally, I would have preferred her to rock up in a typical chic McCartney boyfriend blazer. Yes? [WWD]

2. When she's not stripping down to her bra for film roles, Emma Watson is being immortalised... in wax. That's right, a waxwork figurine of the British actress has been unveiled at Madame Tussauds. Her waxwork sees her wear a black Elie Saab dress, chosen because it best reflect her "playful and fun" nature. Yes, I'm sure the young lads will love it. [Vogue UK]
victoriabeckhamwebsite.gif3. You can't click on a website these days without it being covered in flashing, blinking, epilepsy-inducing animated GIFs. And that's because they are AWESOME. And it seems Victoria Beckham's new e-commerce website is no different (see above). Clever lady. [The Cut]

4. Recent comments made by Sarah Jessica Parker regarding the pretty average SATC prequel, The Carrie Diaries, have been slammed by Candace Bushnell. While SJP was actually lovely about AnnaSophia Robb, she did call the show "odd," and rightly so in my opinion. While the plotlines are okay, the fact it is set in the Eighties gets totally lost somewhere. Tip: CW should totally hire folks that made Freaks and Geeks plus SATC stylist Pat Field. What a genius combo that would be! But back to Bushnell, who has come to the show's defence saying:

It is a really good show! And interestingly, last weekend, I had a couple girlfriends over, and we were watching Sex and the City, and then we watched some Carrie Diaries. There are a lot of surprising similarities in terms of tone and the kinds of antics the characters get into. So I think they're doing a good job.
She also spouted off on what she really thought of the god awful SATC 2 flick, and why she believes that in real life Carrie wouldn't have ended up with Big. Quel horror!

[Long silence] I don't know. In real life, I don't think women end up with that character, and if they do, they usually get divorced after a year.
[The Daily Beast]
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5. In other news: Katie Price has officially gone mental. Refer to image above for further proof. [The Sun]

6. And apparently dressing like a scout leader is the new black. Just ask Madonna and the Duchess of Cambridge. Does that mean it is time to dig out the khakis? Seriously. [Grazia UK]