Rihanna for River Island

Rihanna's collection for UK high street store River Island launched in the early hours of this morning, and as of lunchtime, plenty of the range is still available online. This either means River Island showed far more forethought than their rivals and ensured there was plenty of stock available on the launch day to deal with the demand...or perhaps that the grungy range isn't selling quite as well as expected?

I'd wager it's a bit of both. The collection is very Rihanna, resembling the 90s-inspired looks she usually wears both off-duty and on stage. There are cropped tops, tiny denim hotpants, dresses with sheer panels, boyfriend jeans, loads of styles that look like they have shirts tied around the waist, over the knee trucker boots and skirts and dresses with thigh-high splits. Fans of her style will love the range, which draws direct inspiration from some of her more memorable outfits.

But the problem with many of the pieces is that unless you have a body to rival Ri-Ri's, you may have trouble pulling them off. The collection is available up to a size 18, but even as a size 14 I found myself mentally crossing two thirds of the styles off the list instantly because I don't show my tummy willingly and I need to wear a bra. I have something of a collection of pieces from limited edition ranges, collaborations and celeb fashion lines, but nothing in the range really appealed to me. That's no big surprise as I'm hardly the target consumer; I'm five years older than Rihanna and tried a lot of these trends the first time round!

So far, it looks like the beige maxi skirt and the grey low-back mini dress (which has a 90s-era Calvin Klein vibe) are the biggest successes of the range. The trucker boots have also sold out, and the utility jumpsuit's not far behind. More casual pieces - the cropped tees, acid wash jeans and jackets are all still available.

I'm intrigued to see what happens when the hype around this initial launch dies down - will we see a high Summer drop (I hope so - Rihanna knows her swimwear) and a continued collab, or will Rihanna be, for the first time in her career, a one-hit wonder?!