Luis Vuitton AW13 PFW.jpgPhoto: Louis Vuitton Instagram

The last day of Paris Fashion Week ended on a high with Louis Vuitton's Fall / Winter 2013-2014 show. Fashion fatigue must have set in for the style pack who have travelled a month long around the world to fashion weeks across infamous capitals, but that didn't show at the full house for Luis Vuitton today. Set on a rounded catwalk, the show was a set made up of ornate wallpaper surrounding wooden framed doors just like a hotel corridor. We knew this was going to be a good one.

Luis Vuitton AW13 PFW 1.jpgPhoto: Louis Vuitton Instagram

Models came from each of the doors in unison and it seemed the ornate theme didn't stop at the decor. With styling not all that dissimilar to Marc Jacobs AW13 show which we saw in New York back in mid February, models wore cropped black wigs styled in severely cut 1920's curls, and the overall aesthetic was lady-like luxe.

Luis Vuitton AW13 PFW 2.jpgPhoto: Louis Vuitton Instagram

Outfit combinations came in the form of lust-worthy combinations involving lady waisted silhouettes to midi lengths, whilst textured spanned creative combinations of wool checks fading into glamour-feel sequins. There was an underlying underwear theme with satin lace delicates layered underneath luxe furs, whilst colour was an enticing combination of musky pinks, silvers and browns.

Luis Vuitton AW13 PFW 3.jpgPhoto: Luis Vuitton Instagram

Fashion week queen and good friend to Creative Director at Louis Vuitton, Cara Delevingne, starred in the show wearing a luxurious combination of textures with dusky pink silk teddy-suit shorts, grey cashmere knits and rich chocolate brown vintage looking furs.

Luis Vuitton AW13 PFW 5.jpgPhoto: Louis Vuitton Instagram

A fabulous end to this season of fashion weeks, don't you agree? Hotel Louis Vuitton next season anyone?