We're about to down tools for Easter, but when we return, Catwalk Queen will be bringing you a very special April event - Lingerie & Swimwear Month. Last year we focussed on lingerie throughout March, with reviews, giveaways and guides, and this year we're taking things to the next level by bringing swimwear into the mix too.

Throughout the month there'll be shopping tips, gorgeous galleries, product reviews and loads of opportunities to get involved and sort out your knicker drawer. It all kicks off on Tuesday, but to keep you occupied over the weekend, we thought we'd highlight some of our favourite lingerie stories from previous years - from our much loved bad bikini gallery to news of the boobs that have caused complaints...

Did plunging necklines result in plunging sales for Marks & Spencer? Apparently too many low-cut tops put off their core consumer - the older shopper. One shareholder said "The dresses are too low on top and they don't have sleeves. They just show too much cleavage and at our age we can't wear that sort of style" Tell it to Helen Mirren. [July 2008]

Holly Willoughby's cleavage causes complaints! Apparently five people called in to complain about the star's 'revealing' Dancing on Ice outfits. Yet more proof that many members of the British public have far too much time on their hands. [January 2009]

Holly Willougby's aforementioned boobs also made it into the 'National Cleavage Hall of Fame'. Yes, it exists. And of course it was created by Wonderbra, the people behind National Cleavage Day. [March 2012]

Convinced you're wearing the right sized bra? Check these six signs of the wrong bra to make absolutely sure. Even retailers get it wrong when fitting their models... [March 2012]

While we're on the subject of ill-fitting undies, the same rules apply to swimwear too. We run down the top 5 signs your bikini doesn't fit. Don't make the same mistakes as these poor women... [June 2012]

Katy Perry got cut from Sesame Street because her outfit (designed by Giles) showed too much boob. The video is on YouTube though. Katy reworked 'Hot 'n' Cold' when Elmo refused to play with her. It's second only to James Blunt's amazing 'You're Beautiful / My Triangle' when it comes to Sesame Street / pop mashups. Watch it and be amazed. [September 2010]

Did a woman whip out a tape measure last time you got measured for a bra? If so, it may be time to read up, and get re-measured. 80% of us wear the wrong size, we explain why. [March 2012]

Just a few of our lingerie reviews from last year's lingerie month - the requisite Wonderbra, the amazing Freya 'deco' moulded bra for bigger busts, Gossard's aptly named 'Temptress' bra and Ultimo's 'The One'.

When the recession hit, we might have all ditched the luxuries, but we still spent on lingerie and lippy. [March 2009]

A gallery of pictures of Christina Hendricks. Enough said. [Sept 2011]

Still don't believe you're wearing the wrong size bra? Find out how one woman (er, me) went from a 36C to a 34E in minutes. [June 2008]

Celebs LOVE creating their own swimwear and lingerie lines and modelling for the big brands. Pore over pics of Myleene Klass for Littlewoods (white bikini included, natch), Geri Halliwell for Next, Kelly Brook for New Look, The Kardashian Kollection swimwear range, Daisy Lowe for Peacocks, Elizabeth Hurley for Mango, Dita Von Teese 'Von Follies' and her range for Wonderbra, Paloma Faith for La Senza, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley for M&S, Lois Winstone for Ann Summers, Peaches Geldof for Miss Ultimo, Mel B for Ultimo, Kelly Brook for Ultimo (are you sensing a theme here?)

And finally, how about some pics from Victoria's Secret fashion shows of old? Here's 2008, 2010 and 2011 to keep you occupied!

Join us from next week for loads of brand new lingerie and swimwear specials!