We've all seen hundreds of Disney tees, My Little Pony hoodies and Sesame Street PJs. But if you hunt around a little bit more, there are loads of far more inventive retro tees that hark back to our childhood. Here are five of my favourites (click the tees to buy)...

Round The Twist Lighthouse Tee


The best thing about this tee, other than the excellent use of the Lighthouse setting of the slightly crazy Aussie kids TV show, is that it gives me a legitimate excuse to include a video of arguably the best TV theme tune of my childhood.

You're welcome.

Gloworm tee


I had this exact Gloworm when I was a kid. With a built-in battery pack that lit up the face (and made the worm surprisingly warm in a very short space of time) they were exactly the kind of toy that you could get away with in the 80s, but would never pass health and safety checks now. Now they wear hoodies and look less like worms and more like aliens. The t-shirt is the only way to pay homage to the original. Chuh, everything was better when we were kids, wasn't it?!

Guess Who? Tee


Guess Who? may since have been proved sexist by a 6-year-old girl a lot smarter than I, but back in the day I loved playing the clue-based board game. It's amazing how quickly the memories of all those faces come back on seeing this tee. Just be ready for people to talk to your chest if you buy it. It looks like David and Alice get the prime nipple spots.

I Love My Pound Puppy Tee


I still have my Pound Puppy. So I really must love it. Enough to buy a t-shirt? Probably!

Ramsay Street / Neighbours Fan Club Tee


Let's be clear, Neighbours is the best soap in the world. You know it's true - no other soap has bought us so many stars of pop music and panto, and no other soap has so many events dedicated to it in its hometown (even if they are all aimed at British tourists). Speaking of British tourists, here I am displaying my love of Neighbours, outside Harold Bishop's house in Melbourne...


...the only thing that would have made this photo better would have been if I was wearing the t-shirt. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to go back.