You'd think from my posts this week that I'm developing an unhealthy obsession with Cara Delevingne. Or perhaps the universe is just trying to test me when it comes to spelling that riddle of a surname. But no. Cara has just had a incredibly news-worthy week, and none has been more of a must see, than her saucy stripe tease vid for ID Magazine. And that's not one of those annoying exaggerations we hear all the time, it is a shameless strip tease.

Cara Delevingne ID Magazine Shoot.jpgImage: I-DOnline

Model of the moment Cara is everywhere at the moment. After appearing on a front page shoot with Karl Lagerfeld earlier this week, fun-loving Cara has decided to bare all on a shoot with ID Magazine as well as filiming an arty strip tease video where she slowly un-zips sections off her Burberry (who else?) trench.

Cara Delevingne ID Magazine Shoot 2.jpgImage: I-DOnline

The rest of the shoot sees Cara in futuristic style get up wearing Tom Ford, Margaret Howell, Jil Sander and Christian Louboutin amongst many, as well as a series of snaps imitating typical model poses including "The Fanny Pack", "The Sexy Cockroach" and "White Girls Can't Vogue". We love this girl. Check her out in the video below.