Reese Witherspoon once again took fashion advice from her mini-me daughter Ava when choosing her Oscar gown, with the pair picking the dress together. But we can't help but think Ava knows exactly what her mum loves, as this Louis Vuitton gown has a very familiar silhouette for Reese (and, let's be honest, most of Hollywood). It's like blue version of the red Zac Posen she wore back in 2011 to the Golden Globes.

But lest we forget, Reese gave birth only a few months ago, so fitting into this corseted, super-fitted gown was no mean feat. The black panels down the side make it look even tinier on the top half than it already is, while the fishtail skirt adds some much-needed drama.

It's a fairly obvious choice, but at least it's a bold, bright colour, and one that looks incredible against her hair and really brings out the blue of her eyes. It would have been so easy for Reese to wear something black and floaty, so we love her for picking tight and bright instead!