Olivia Munn in Marchesa at the Oscars 2013

I didn't even put this Marchesa dress in my Oscar predictions because I really didn't believe any of the confirmed female attendees would have the guts to wear something so gloriously baroque and over the top.

Well, thank heavens for surprise guest Olivia Munn, who had the guts to wear the embroidered red and gold dress. When something has so much fabric it photographs best on a staircase, you know it's a big dress that deserves a big personality, and I think she pulls it off.

There are reports that say Ms Munn doesn't use a stylist, but I find that hard to believe with a dress like this. My gut tells me she probably decided to turn to the pros for a big night like the Oscars. And whoever is responsible for snagging this for Olivia must be sat at home now with a bottle of champagne and a very smug grin. It might split the vote because it's so over the top, but it definitely won't be forgotten.

If she really did pick this out herself, I think I want her to be my new best friend so she can dress me too.