If you're a big fan of super-glamorous fashion that throws back to a bygone era, you'll be keen on what's in store from Marc Jacobs for his Fall / Winter 2013 (Autumn / Winter 2013 to you and me) Ready To Wear collection. Set to one of the most show stopping back drops of New York Fashion Week so far, models walked out in front of a glowing giant sun which brought a rich red / orange warmth to proceedings within the huge circular catwalk. The New York Fashion Week crowd may have had to re-arrange their schedules to attend Mark's newly appointed time slot (they had delivery issues because of the snow so had to delay), but it was definitely worth the wait.

Amongst the sun-soaked light which added a red tinge to everything (which you can't actually see on the pictures), super glamorous retro inspired silhouettes appeared in luxe textures including classic furs, dazzling sequins and sparkling tweeds. Styling went down a very traditional route with a vintage aesthetic playing on a bygone eras feel with the ultimate glamour edge; think feminine dress shapes with nipped in waists and slim skirts, button up collars, iconic classic shaped outerwear with fur collars and even a full fur dress. Cara Delevigne took centre stage in luxe brown knits and (faux?) fox scarf whilst another model went topless with fishnet gloves and high waisted shorts. Also have to mention the mullet wigs.

Check it all out for yourself in the gallery above, watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.