It might not be an influence you spot instantly, but look closely and you'll see that KTZ looked to the tarot for inspiration for their AW 2013 collection. The looks, from huge voluminous coats to prim white blouses, represented the 22 'Major Arcana', from Temperence to Judgement, with some items even scribbled with lettering that spelled out the words of the suit (so don't worry, the 'FO' on a shirt collar was actually one half of 'FOOL').

Tarot-style illustrations appeared on textured midi dresses, full skirts and even spats on super-high shoes, while many models wore baseball caps with exaggerated peaks (to ward off no. 19 - The Sun, perhaps?). The styling, as ever, had an urban, street feel that hit you in the face with it's boldness - making it all the more amusing to see Made in Chelsea's Marc Francis Vandelli (a man who has different wardrobes for Sardinia and St Tropez) sat in the front row.

Stand-out looks included a full-length metallic coat in scrunchy gold, a big shearling coat with cream trim and black lettering, and a stiff-skirted black dress worn pinafore-style over a shirt, with a cutout style detail that gave it texture and pattern.

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Thanks to LG for taking us to the the KTZ show - the LG Steam Team are busy behind the scenes at LFW making sure all the garments are in tip top condition before they hit the catwalk.