By this point, most people probably have their 'Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture' posts prepped days before the events she's set to appear at. This is a partnership that's going to last a while (or at least until that Miss Dior campaign comes to an end).

But I'll be honest with you, when I was going through the looks from the most recent Dior Couture show (and crossing off the ones either Jen or Marion Cotillard had already worn) this was the one dress I really hoped wouldn't be chosen for Jennifer tonight. On the catwalk the colour looked insipid and the shape looked awkward and I was worried it wouldn't do the gorgeous star justice.

But it's testament to Oscar winner Jennifer and her body of dreams that she pulls it off. And then some. I still think back to a weepy Shakespeare in Love-era Gwyneth Paltrow whenever I see a pouffy, pale pink gown which is probably what scared me off in the first place, but unlike Gwyneth's dress this one actually fits, and I love the subtle styling, the simple jewellery and the fact she's not been bathed in fake tan.


I bow down to Ms Lawrence and admit I was wrong. This dress and this girl = perfection. Even when she's falling over in it.