If you read our Oscars fashion prediction you'll know that we were ready for Jennifer Aniston to wear something black, simple and just a little bit sexy, or a romantic pale coloured gown.

What we weren't expecting was for her to knock it out the park in bright Valentino red. This is the biggest red carpet surprise of the night so far, and we're so happy Jennifer took this risk and didn't stick to a safe black or nude choice. Ok, she still wore her hair down in its usual messed-up straight California girl style (it would have been so much better up) but let's take one thing at a time. Jennifer Aniston is wearing red. Isn't that enough for now?!

Well, perhaps. The problem is we can't help thinking that if we saw this dress on anyone else, it wouldn't be quite so dramatic. It's only blowing our mind because of who's wearing it, rather than because the dress itself is a showstopper. It's actually very simple - a straight strapless neckline, princess seams and a full skirt. Pretty, yes. But anything more than that? Maybe not.

Still, Jennifer Aniston is wearing a bright colour! After this...anything is possible.