This season, Miss Fulton's girl is a big ol'step away from the skateboarding Californian princess we met with in S/S13; she's an attitude-filled punk rock kinda lady that has the band falling at her feet. A much more fierce, sexy response to her usual pastel palette cutesy-style.


Fulton's girls slammed the stage a wash with red and black, but a world a way from being tacky, these colours were well thought-out and calculated for the girl that looks like she'd effortlessly just thrown them on from a rocker's bedroom floor. Makeup followed suit with the colour palette as models were painted with rich rouge lips and dark kohl lined smokey eyes.

We particularly fell in love with Fulton's leather on the catwalk; black pleated skirts, quilted dresses, in sleeves and collars, cropped jackets and statement pointed boots. Not to mention her deliberate use of hearts throughout; on neckties, in print, through her gorgeous heavy, perspex jewellery, even on the invite itself.. oh and we also fell for her Warhol-style tigers donned on floaty skirts, dresses and vests.. oh and.. I think it's safe to say we adored everything.


As the collection woefully crept to an end Fulton introduced a powdery blue into the mix, a colour we've dubbed as a biggie next season after it's popped up in numerous shows. Fulton ran the blue through fur stoles, eye-catching pattern and a finishing, heart-print wonder of a dress on a model with such a moody face she could have in The Slits.

Fulton has the knack to have a full-on collection with rather a lot going on; taking printed dresses and throwing perspex necklaces, earrings, fur stoles, large bags and statement boots onto them. Something other designers might find overkill she overlooks and makes work beautifully, nailing her consumer on the head.

We think, without a doubt we'll be spotting the punk rockers in their packs by next season..
Why not be inspired to throw your old leather skirt on and line those eyes with the highlights below?

Or get into the mood with a little..