Annette and Daniella Felder were among many designers to look to the 1970s for inspiration for Autumn / Winter 2013, with a collection they dubbed 'Velvet Outlaw', inspired in part by 70s skateboarder Tony Alva and photographer Sarah Moon. Alva was described in the show notes as having 'an insouciant style', and that was definitely the right adjective to describe this collection.

Though the sisters may be known for their prints, this season they were more interested in texture, mixing the velvet that gave the show its name with fabrics like organza, cowhide, boucle, Mongolian wool, and even latex (in collaboration with Vin + Omi), as well as plenty of knitwear and quilted separates.

These pieces were cleverly paired together so nothing looked too extreme; latex trousers under a split-skirted maxi dress, a heavily quilted leather skirt with a simple knitted sweater, and a furry gilet over a chiffon printed dress. One fluffy knitted skirt eve prompted the model to do an impromptu spin for the cameras.


Colour-wise, the palette was dark, mostly black, inky blue and deep cranberry, with the odd splash of peach (usually in semi-transparent latex that somehow managed not to look like B-movie skin). One dress ruled them all, and it was long-sleeved and super-sexy with a small wrap and very big slits on both the hemline and the neckline. The show finished with a dramatic silver version of this dress turned into a gown with added layers (see out gifferific pic above) and two huge Mongolian wool coats with skinny belts to cinch them at the waist, sent down the catwalk together.


For the first time, the Felder Felder collection will be available to pre-order on the new FelderFelder.com. We'd recommend you get your name down quickly for the mixed-media cranberry coloured coat with zips and the green velvet dress!

Watch highlights of the show here: