KAUFMANFRANCO sequin-embellished gown £8,735 >>>

On my last day in the office before the Oscars, what better dress of the day could there be than this bit of liquid gold gorgeousness, an £8k fashion homage to the Oscar statuette? Costing more than most of us earn in months, it's real dream dress territory, but isn't it a beaut?

While I will most likely be blogging live during the event from the comfort of my sofa with a glass of champagne and a comfy dressing gown, in my heads (and your, hopefully) I will be wearing this, fending off Hugh Jackman-shaped hugs and helping Jennifer Lawrence to make it from seat to stage without a wardrobe malfunction.

Join me on Sunday night from about 10pm UK time for all the Oscar gossip, photos, tweets (@catwalkqueen) and general star style spotting. It's going to be a loooong night!