Today's dress of the day has the fun fashion factor. Sometimes, myself included, I think we tend to take fashion, what we should wear what we shouldn't wear, a little too seriously. So in a concerted effort to perk up everyone's Sunday, I've found this super-fun printed dress from House of Holland's Spring / Summer 2013 collection (who else could be responsible for this, really?).

House of Holland Pom Pom Dress.jpg

The dress, which I think would genuinely brighten up my life worn once daily with heavy duty black ankle boots, features loose smock tee shape, comes in a soft ultra wearable cotton fabric and is decorated by multi coloured pom poms, some of which come to life with googly eyes and pony tails. I defy anyone not to walk around with a smile on their face wearing this beauty. Perfect for work, play, parties, holidays and general merriment, you'll get your wear out of this bad boy.

Shop it here for £130 >>

Henry Holland is known for his quirky taste and healthy sense of humour - more of this from you next week at London Fashion Week please Mr Holland!