If you're a fashion fanatic with a penchant for anything and everything Chloé, you may want to sit down whilst you read this - to celebrate its 60th Anniversary, the Chloé Maison is releasing a collection of sixteen exceptional creations that have contributed to making the brand what it is today.

The selection of items (which has been carefully chosen from the House's extensive archives) includes seven of its most coveted accessories and two limited edition pieces of just 60 copies. Giving fans both new and old a chance to rediscover the allure of Chloé's character, the Chloé Maison have created a number of mini films, each one depicting an iconic piece of Chloé's history. Described by the fashion house as "pertinent, avant-garde, comfortable and feminine" the sixteen piece collection will "satisfy the desires of women who love fashion. Coveted and remarkable, they have launched trends forging a special bond between Chloé and its customers since 1952."

Our favourite pieces in this remarkable collection include the playful yet chic 1960's blouse (a continuous thread running throughout the history of Chloé) the sexy but fun 80's violin motif dress garnered by Karl Lagerfeld (with bejewelled stand-up collar) and of course, Chloé's signature Paddington bag.

Want to see more? Watch the first exclusive mini films below!

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