As we write this we've just been watching Charlize Theron dancing with Channing Tatum on stage at the Oscars wearing another gorgeous dress, so we're a little distracted. But there's still time to admire her red carpet turn in structural white Dior Haute Couture. Thought you were over peplums? So did we, until we saw this...


There is something about Charlize that just screams movie star. Actually, no. There are a lot of things about Charlize that scream 'movie star'. The height, the body, the razor-sharp cheekbones, the aquamarine eyes, the fact she can shave all her hair off and still look incredible - she just has 'it'. And 'it' helps her pull off simple, effortless gowns in a way few can equal.

Charlize's Oscar fashion moments have always been a mixed bag, but she seems to have learned now that there's no need for her to mess around with over the top embellishment, boob roses or huge bows. She doesn't need all the fuss. There's nothing particularly new or stand-out about this dress, but it works on her. Sometimes, it's best just to let that body do the talking!