Forget the Ravens and the Niners - last nights Superbowl in New Orleans revolved around one woman and one woman only; Beyonce. After weeks of teasing via her Tumblr/Beyhive, a raunchy football inspired photo shoot, behind-the-scenes rehearsal images and those Destiny's Child rumours, did the half time show aka #Beyoncebowl live up to the hype? Of course it did.

Beyonce's day before the big game outfitbeyoncesuperbowlconference2013.jpg
After singing accapella at the SuperBowl press conference following the miming* incident at Obama's inauguration, Beyonce opted for a stunning fitted orange dress by Antonio Berardi teamed with gold Jimmy Choo pumps. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how bodycon should be done - with a little décolletage and clever asymmetrical tailoring. Finishing the look with honey coloured side swept curls and natural glowing makeup, Queen Bey looked incredible. Would she be able to top this at half time?

Beyonce's "I can be sexy and play football" outfitbeyoncefootballoutfit2013.jpg
Just imagine for a second that you're at a fancy dress party and someone rocks up wearing this outfit. You'd laugh, right? Nobody laughed at Beyonce. How does she manage to look fierce as apposed to ridiculous? That's the magic of Beyonce.
Beyonce's half time outfit
beyoncehalftimesuperbowl2013.jpgMuch to our disappointment, Tina Knowles' wasn't called upon to create the stage outfits for the half time performance - that was a job for relatively unknown designer Rubin Singer, who has created tour pieces for Beyonce previously. Influenced by Norse mythology, the stage costumes reflect Singer's upcoming collection entitled, "Valkyrie's Domination", inspired by a fiery woman named Valkyrie who decided which men would live or die on the battle field. Awesome.

Beyonce took to the stage in a padded jacket and puff ball skirt, but within the first 60 seconds she channeled her inner Bucks Fizz and ripped both pieces off, throwing them into the crowd and revealing a laser cut creation made from leather, Chantilly lace, python, and IGUANA. And what does one wear with Iguana? Nude fishnet tights, black knee high socks and Proenza Schouler booties of course.

Who runs the world? Uh, Beyonce
destinyschildsuperbowl2013.jpg Poor Michelle and Kelly. Even though I was so ready for this jelly (I even jumped off the sofa when the girls appeared out of the stage floor) it was a short lived thrill to see Destiny's Child together again. Acting as glorified backing dancers/singers (with their mics turned down - awkward) Michelle looked lost inside her flippy skater skirt and Kelly's leather leotard was...well. The less said about that, the better. I did however enjoy Kelly giving Beyonce a cheeky slap on the bum, like "we're still friends right, B?" and kudos goes to both girls who managed to stay super serious as they flew through the air and landed in their heels gracefully. Pure poetry.

The many faces of Beyonce (and the dance moves)
True to form, B pulled some particularly hilarious faces throughout the performance. She did all the classic moves - windmilling her mane, getting her crazy legs on - she even let Kelly and Michelle do the Single Ladies dance with her AND let those crazy fans touch her beautiful hair. These were some of our favourite moments - enjoy.