Kate Moss Mango SS12 preview pic.jpgFollowing on from our previous story, it seems there might be some truth to the rumour that Kate Moss is heading for X Factor. Grazia UK have learned that the supermodel will join the talent show as stylist during X Factor's 10th anniversary series.

According to report, she is set to "style contestants at one of the live shows for a one-off Britpop tribute."

Apparently Simon Cowell is so keen to sign up Kate as part of his makeover of the show, which last season dropped in the ratings, he even wants to include footage of her talking about her own personal memories of Britpop.

"Simon is absolutely desperate to breathe life back into X Factor," a source told Grazia. "He knows he has to change everything from the judges to the sets to the contestants themselves, but he also wants each show to contain something never seen or done before, something he calls: 'Blow your pants off moments.'"

Hmm... that sounds a bit ominous.

Cowell knows that fashion is a huge part of why X Factor has developed such a loyal following. And Kate is no stranger to visiting the X Factor set. But as for the rumour that he had offered her a job as style consultant for the entire series, the source adds it would be very unlikely.

"That just would never happen. She's way too busy and it's too much of a commitment. But the one-off special is about the show being more than just music. He wants Kate talking about her memories, outfits she wore in the 90s and dressing some of the contestants. Kate is definitely up for the challenge."

Let's hope an official announcement will be made soon!