chanel spring 2013 campaign

Right now we are in the midst of a wave of new season campaigns. The latest to hit our radar are from Chanel and Mulberry. Once again it appears as though the minimalist approach is a strong theme for spring, with Karl Lagerfeld opting to keep things simple with his Japanese tea house-inspired ads.

Although I don't see a lot of Eastern influence here with those flat sofas, straight lines, and barely furnished rooms. Instead I feel like we are taking a peek inside a modern New York apartment, perhaps owned by an interior designer or architect. For his harem of beauties, Lagerfeld has picked them quite young. Ondria Hardin and Yumi Lambert are no older than 16, which is in contrast to Stella Tennant who, at 42, managers to hold her own superbly in these ads alongside the newbies.

mulberry spring 2013 campaign

Over at Mulberry the tone is rather different. Starring Canadian model Meghan Collison in a series of mermaid-like poses, the ads have a warm, ethereal feel to them. They are pretty, feminine and swirl with pastel colour.

"This season's campaign was a haze of beautiful colours, the set-up complemented the products beautifully," Emma Hill told Grazia UK. "The featured ready-to-wear and accessories showcased new tailoring, fresh shapes, print and our continued dedication to our leather craft heritage."

Inside of separating Meghan from the background, the aim of this shoot was to blend her in as part of the landscape so that she became like a portrait. And it is clear that she was the ideal candidate, described as "strong, confident [and] able to hold your gaze but almost otherworldly." Agreed.