It was great to see Nicole Kidman looking so relaxed on the red carpet at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards, cuddling up to friends, making bunny ears behind director Tom Hooper's head and generally goofing around. So often she looks uncomfortable and rigid on the red carpet, in tight column dresses with super-coiffed hair and perfectly matte makeup, like a doll that can never be touched, but must remain pristine in its wrapping.

Tonight, though the severely straightened hair was there, she looked altogether more relaxed and undone, and her playful Vivienne Westwood Couture dress was obviously a part of the reason for this. While shape wise it's not a particularly new thing for Nicole, it does feel a bit more fun than what's come before it. The big looping shapes of the glittering lace have a bit of a childish quality, and the deep sparkling blue works incredibly to bring out the colour in Nicole's eyes. Despite the big knickers, she obviously felt very sexy in the dress.

Thankfully she managed to resist doing an Angelina Jolie leg pose to show off that slit. Sometimes less is more!